etnofilm 2016Grand Prix  - The Golden Turon
 Sacred Voices – directed by Renato Morelli – Italy
... for an impressive depiction of the Holy Week song ritual in Sardegna

The Silver Turon                
Close to Heaven, The Rice Terraces of the Phillippines – directed by Antje Christ – Germany
...for a complex document of a rice growing tradition in the present day transforming countryside of the Philippines

The Bronze Turon                   
The Land Looking for its Heaven – directed by Erik Praus – Slovak Republic
... for a convincing presentation and inspiring recording of the life in contemporary village with its difficulties

The Fighters of the Holy Hair – directed by Florian Vallée – Belgium
... for a truthful author´s  look at a contradicting traditional custom

Martin Slivka Award                                                               
The First: Izabela Textorisová  –  directed by Jana Bu

Award of the Chairman of the Zilina Self-Governing Region                             
 Swamp Dialogues – directed by  Ildikó Plájás – Holland
... for a sensitive  insight into the difficult life of people in a protected reservation area in the Danube delta

Award of the Festival Director                          
Living Quechua – directed by Christine Mladic Janney – The United States of America
... for depicting the struggle to preserve ethnic identity in a subculture environment

Award of the Mayor of Cadca  
Children on Sale – directed by Ivo Kuzmanić – Croatia
... for recording memories of harsh childhood years in a poor region of Croatia

Matica Slovenska Award                           
Tremolo – directed by Gabriella Czapáry a Ján Bencsik – Hungary
... for an inspiring presentation of a mandoline orchestra in Slovensky Komlos

Ethnologist Behind Camera – Award of the Slovak Society of Ethnography  
 The Sacred Thresh – directed by Michele Trentini – Italy
... for an  ethnographically true record of a traditional winter outing

Award of the Kysuce Cultural Foundation
Čalamacha/ Čalamacha – directed by Ján Kuska – Slovak Republic
... for a realistic portrait of an outstanding representative of a living folk tradition

The Best Czech Film Award
The Bride from Březová – directed by Marie Římovská – Czech Republic
... for a visually detailed recording of a female 19th century wedding folk dress creation

Slovak Film Institute Award

Reveka – directed by Benjamin Colaux a ChristopherYates - Belgium
... for a poetic camera presenting the harsh life of miners

Award of the Film Journalists                   
 Words from the Family Treasure – directed by Zuzana Antalová - Hungary
... for revealing a less known side of the spiritual life of Slovaks living in Hungary

The Student Jury Award
 The Land Looking for its Heaven – directed by Erik Praus – Slovak Republic
... for an interesting  way of documenting the topic

Honorary Mention
EOHA – directed by Vladimir Perović  - Montenegro
... for a special film depiction of  traditional herding

Honorary Mention
Haight Love – directed by Grant Hayes – The United States of America
... for showing the paradoxes of a present day marginal culture in San Francisco

IN MEMORIAM - Štefan Vraštiak
Honorary Letter for a special contribution to founding and longterm collaboration with IFF Etnofilm Čadca