Dušan Chilý 2

Dušan Chilý "WALKING THROUGH THE COUNTRY at the House of Culture, November 8-11. 2022

The works artist of Kysuce Dušan Chilý, who ranks among the most important and active artists of the studio, can be viewed during the 22nd edition of the ETHNOFILM ČADCA 2022 IFF, in the premises of the House of Culture in Čadca (variety hall), from November 8 to 11. 2022



"Through the eyes of Milan Rastislav Štefánik" - November 8 - 11, 2022 in the Kysucke Museum

Part of the estate of Milan Rastislav Štefánik in the Slovak National Museum in Martin is also a rich collection of negatives. They are images from the countries that M.R. Štefánik visited - Europe, America, Africa, Central Asia, the Pacific. Almost all the journeys he made until the beginning of the First World War were related to his scientific ambitions as an astronomer, and according to Marian Pauer, they were "...journeys to the stars".



Exhibition of the photographer Ivan Kelly Köhler in the Čadca Gallery - City Hall from November 8, 2022. The exhibition takes place as part of the 22nd edition of the ČADCA ETHNOFILM IFF 2022.

SLUK vystava

Exhibition on the intangible cultural heritage of the Center for Traditional Folk Culture in the House of Culture from November 8, 2022.