Grand Prix  - The Golden Turon
On the Shepherd´s Path -  directed by Attila Voros –  Slovak Republic

The Silver Turon
Exhibits or Stories from the Manor – directed by Palo Korec – Slovak Republic

The Bronze Turon
Carrera – directed by Francesco Costabile, Assunta Nugnes – Italy Martin Slivka Award 
The Birthplaces and Valleys – directed by Viliam Gruska – Slovak Republic

Matica Slovenska Award
Pavel Korbel – directed by Zuzana Antalova - Hungary

„Ethnologist Behind Camera“
Carnival, the King of Europe  -  directed by Giovanni Kezich, Michele Trentini – Italy

The Best Czech Film Award
Nothing But Ethnography –  directed by Zdenek Zvonek - Czech Republic

Award of the Chairman of the Zilina Self-Governing Region
Palo Ziak, the Carter from Vrchslatina – directed by Jan Kuska – Slovak Republic

Award of the Festival Director
Kosma -- directed by Sonja Blagojevic - Serbia

Award of the Mayor of Cadca
Road Pygmies – directed by Marie Devuyst, Alain Lemaitre - Belgium

Award of the Film Journalists
All My Children  – directed by Ladislav Kabos – Slovak Republic

Slovak Film Institute Award
Love, Love – directed by Jan Bencsik - Hungary

Award of the Kysuce Cultural Foundation
Life Is Life – directed by Pavel Visnovsky  – Slovak Republic

Cadca,  17th October 2014

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