historia etnofilm cadcaGrand Prix - The Golden Turon was awarded to Voices from the Heights. Three Days in Premana - directed by Renato Morelli – Italy.

Grand Prix - The Golden Turon
Voices from the Heights. Three Days in Premana - directed by Renato Morelli – Italy

The Silver Turon
Wedding – Close Encounters of the Gypsy Kind – directed by Ilja Ruppeldt – New Zealand

The Bronze Turon
Archimandrite – directed by Jerzy Kalina – Poland

Martin Slivka Award
Life Inside the Fence (from the series Family) – directed by Jaro Rihak – Slovakia

Matica Slovenska Award
Killing the Pig at the Rybic Family – directed by Jan Cani – Serbia

„Ethnologist Behind Camera“
My Wars Věra Fialová *1918 - directed by Jirina Kosikova – Czech Republic

The Best Czech Film Award
Maestra Ayahuasca – directed by Viliam Poltikovic - Czech Republic

Award of the Chairman of the Zilina Self-Governing Region
The Bells of Happiness – directed by Marek Sulik – Slovakia

Award of the Festival Director
Icons and Rats – Robert Hammerstiel - directed by Zsuzsanna Antala – Hungary

Award of the Mayor of Cadca
The Machine Man – directed by Rosel Corella, Alfonso Moral – Spain

Award of the Film Journalists
Pygmies – The Children of the Jungle – directed by Pavol Barabas – Slovakia

Award of the Kysuce Cultural Foundation
The Bells From Beneath Rozsutec – Stanislav Otruba from Zazriva-Biela - directed by Martina Krusinska – Slovakia

HONORARY MENTION is awarded to the films:
The Lands of Slamenik – directed by Peter Kovac Slovakia
The Umbrella-Maker – directed by Miha Poredos – Slovenia
The Small Land - directed by Michele Trentini - Italy