historia etnofilm cadcaGrand Prix –  Golden  Turoň was awarded to  Tanbura „Capturing a Vanishing Spirit“, directed by Phillipe L. Dib, Egypt,  2006 For active revival of the musical and rhythmical identity of Port-Said inhabitants.


15th International Film Festival
23  –  27 September  2008 

Grand Prix –  Golden  Turoň
Tanbura „Capturing a Vanishing Spirit“, directed by Phillipe L. Dib, Egypt,  2006
 For active revival of the musical and rhythmical identity of Port-Said inhabitants

Jury Prize – Silver Turoň
The Flower Bridge  – Podul de flori, directed by Thomas Ciulei, Roumania,  2008
For a unique picture and dramaturgy  of a film describing  life and its difficulties as well as preserving the values of a farmers family in a present day Moldavian village  

The Main Prize in the Category „Documentary Films“ – Bronze Turoň
People From the Railway  - Ľudia na trati, directed by Arnold Kojnok, Slovakia, 2007
For a suggestive audiovisual portrait of various people connected  by railway as well as by their past 

The Main Prize in the Category „Popular Science Films“ – Bronze Turoň
This Word Is the Water – In sokhan abi ast, directed by Reza Majlesi, Iran,  2006
For an emotional visual and thematic treatment of archaic images of the world creation and its reflections in the Iranian folk culture

 The Main Prize in the Category „Films by Amateur Filmmakers“ – Bronze Turoň
Vorga – A Path Of Two Banks  -  Vorga – Cesta mezi břehy, directed by Zdeněk N. Bričkovský,  Czech Republic,  2006
For a film introduction to the less known area of tundra and its civilization with everything what this reality brings up  

„Martin Slivka Award“ – Prize of Literary Foundation for the Best Individual Achievement to the Slovak Filmmaker
The Last Caravan - Posledná maringotka, directed by Peter Beňovský, Slovak Republic, 2008
For a sensitive look into  authentic travelling puppetry, the vanishing cultural heritage of Central Europe.  

Award of the Festival Director
Blind Loves  - Slepé lásky, directed by Juraj Lehotský, Slovak Republic, 2008
For a professional  treatment of  life views and fates of  people with impaired eyesight 

Award of  Slovak Television
Are There Still Any Shepherds? - Ainda há pastores?, directed by Jorge Pelicano, Portugal, 2006
For a strong visual and emotional story  from  valley where the time has stopped, but not life

 Award of the Mayor of  Čadca
Who Can Become a Bellman? – Ki more bit zvončar, directed by Ivo Kuzmanić, Croatia, 2008
For an impressive film picture of the Carnival season, traditions and pride in the Croatian folk culture 

Award of the Kysuce Cultural Foundation
Martin Slivka – The Man Who Planted Trees,  Martin Slivka – muž, ktorý sadil stromy, directed by Martin Šulík, Slovak Republic,  2007
For bringing closer the life and work of  Martin Slivka, the renowned Slovak ethnologist, filmmaker, pedagogue and founder of Etnofilm  

Award of the Chairman of the Žilina Self-Governing Region
Slovaks in Croatia  - Slováci v Chorvátsku , directed by Miroslav Bartoš, Slovak Republic,  2008
For a discovering presentation of folk culture  and contemporary life  of the Slovak minority in Croatia which does not forget its roots in Kysuce region  

Chairman:  Dr.h.c. Hans Joachim Schlegel – Germany
Ján Fúzik – Hungary
Iľja Ruppeldt – New Zealand
PhDr. Martin Mešša – Slovakia
Mgr. Ľuba Velecká – Slovakia 

Award of the Film Journalists
Soňa And Her Family - O Soni a jej rodine, directed by Daniela Rusnoková, Slovak Republic, 2006
For authentic testimony and social probe into the life of the Roma community in Slovakia

Ewa Ciszewska - Poland,
Viliam Jablonický - Slovakia,
Štefan Vraštiak - Slovakia  

Student Jury Award
Vielle Chaux, directed by Ján Kostolanský, Slovak Republic, 2008
For a bit of invention which the film brought to the festival, for seeking the new and experimenting with the found 

Student Jury:
Students of J. M. Hurban Grammar School in Čadca - Barbora Beláková,  Ivana Šmatlavová, Katarína Olešňaníková, Michal Lorek a Nina Rosenbergerová 

Čadca,  27 September 2008