Original name: Slovak heart of Pišpek (Püspökhatvan szlovák szíve)
English title: The Slovak heart of Püspökhatvan
Running time: 26 min.
Year of manufacture: 2021
Produced by: MTVA - Hungarian Television
Country: Hungary
Director: Zsuzsanna Dr. Antala/Dr. ZUzana Antalová

August 28, 2021 will certainly go down in the history of Püspökhatvan as a historical milestone, which is why many important events took place in the village. Domonkos Voltaire's first book entitled "People's Religiosity of Püspökhatvan" was presented in the House of Culture. The young author is still a student, a student of the Slovak language and history, and he only graduated from the Slovak school at university, he learned the language of his ancestors at home, from his grandmother. We accompanied Domonkos Volter to his former school, we met old women from Püspökhatvan, who are not only connoisseurs of old folk Slovak prayers, but also read the famous good strudel, we admired the wedding of the famous Folklore Ensemble in Püspökhatvan. In Püspökhatvan, Slovakia's past and present go hand in hand, nurturing a promising future with love and faith.