Original title: Paprikázás - népi játák Törökkoppányból
English title: Playing paprika - folk game from Törökkoppány
Running time: 8:10 min.
Year of manufacture: 2021
Made by: Museum of Ethnography
Country: Hungary
Director: Erika KOLTAY


The documentary tells the story of the folk game Paprika, which comes from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. It is played in Törökkoppány, a small village in Somogy County, Hungary. According to archival images from the photo collection of the Ethnographic Museum, it was possible to trace the game back. The photos were taken by Sándor Gönyey in Kéthely in 1926. After field research in the region, we found that the game is still played in its modernized form, while preserving the old rules of the former folk version. Today's game rules are based on the folk version.