Original title: Landscapes of Pannonian ferns
English title: Lanscapes of Pannonian ferns
Running time: 60 min.
Year of manufacture: 2022
Produced by: Mandragora film
Country: Serbia
Director: Marko Cvejić


The Pannonian Sea is gone, only corn fields remain. People from afar reached the fields and raised their banners to show the way for their brothers from afar to go to the promised world. The landscapes of the evening sky above the plain depict an inner landscape of endless wastelands, lonely people, tamed lands, calm rivers, coexistence together. This stream-of-mind film awakens an ancient sea that lies forgotten in the drifts of memory to a dreamy land that lies quietly in the heart of Europe. With the global environmental crisis, the dry, harsh landscape becomes a painful retrospective and a reminder of the eternal variability of the landscape. But the calm, almost transformative energy of the film promises the poetics of the apocalypse.