On Palm Sunday, in the village of Stará Pazova, children dress up in folk costumes. One girl is always dressed as a youngster. They go around the village to their relatives and sing Palm Sunday where she shared the keys... At the request of the hosts, they also dance and sing other Slovak songs. Housewives repay them with eggs, apples and sweets. The custom of Mistresses, or going with mistresses, was brought by the Vojvodina Slovaks from their motherland almost 300 years ago. Ladybirds are a symbol of the awakening of nature and the arrival of the Easter holidays. Unfortunately, nowadays in Vojvodina, Paničky have been preserved only among the Slovaks of Staropaz and this custom has lasted for 250 years.


jan caniJán ČániPaničky (Missues), 28:36
Serbia, 2017
Director: Ján Čáni