Peter Miko 2015 upravenéThe international film festival ETNOFILM ČADCA ranks among documentary ethnological festivals offering films on topics from the field of social and cultural anthropology, from diverse expressions of traditional folk culture to mapping the life of contemporary people. 
Awards given to films in the competition section:

GRAND PRIX - Gold Turoň
Silver Turoň
Bronze Turoň
The VIA EUROPA award - for the best film about European cultural heritage - is awarded by the chairperson of the Žilina self-governing region
The Martin Slivka Award - for the best individual performance to a Slovak creator - is awarded by the Literary Fund
Ethnologist behind the camera - prize of the Slovak Ethnographic Society
Award of the Mayor of the City of Čadca

The symbol of the ČADCA ETHNOFILM IFF is TUROŇ, a carnival mask with a magical-ceremonial function, while its name is derived from the extinct animal tur, which in traditional culture is a symbol of strength and fertility.
The creator of TURON of the 22nd edition of ČADCA ETHNOFILM IFF 2022 is Peter Miko - an artist with an "untypical" perception of the glass material, from which his specific creation process also develops.
A student of the School of Applied Art in Lednické Rovnie, a student of the sculptor L. Pagáč and a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava in the glass studio of J. Gavul, he has been processing glass using his own technique for several years. His work is characterized by purity, fragility and transparency. And these were the reasons that played an important role in the creation of the symbol of the festival. "Glass is such a wonderful material and has a long tradition in Slovakia and the Czech Republic," said Peter Miko.

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