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Film evenings with ETHNOFILM 2020 at SMER KLUBE 77 in Žilina start on October 4

The largest film festival of documentary films ETNOFILM Čadca will bring exceptional film experiences from the 20th year of the film biennial to SMER KLUBU 77 in Žilina. Since October, film fans can look forward to a collection of documentaries that won the highest awards of the International Film Festival ETNOFILM Čadca 2020.

Film evenings of ETHNOFILM 2020 will last from October 4 to October 25, every Tuesday at 7:15 p.m. in SMER KLUBE 77 in Žilina.

04/10/2022, Pavol Barabáš - "Svetozár Stračina" (SR)

A documentary film about the Slovak composer Svetozár Stračin, an exceptional artist who reliably defies any "folder" classification. A bohemian who essentially perceived and developed authentic folklore. A composer whose musical composition excited even those who shun tradition. He left behind an extensive body of work and an unmistakable legacy that has no followers.

11/10/2022, Erik Praus - "The Call" (UA)

The full-length documentary captures through the portraits of three monks the unique spiritual atmosphere and mysticism of the Orthodox monastery Pochaivská Lavra, which is located on a hill above the town of Pochaiv in the Ternopil region in the west of Ukraine. Fathers Gabriel, Vicilentius and Nazarius got rid of their traumatic past here, achieved peace and serenity and found the meaning of life. The film reverently observes the daily life of the monks, but also notes the magnificent beauty of the monastery environment. The path of faith is not only the privilege of the chosen ones. It is open to anyone who feels the "calling".

18/10/2022, Ján Kuska - "Ed Hogle's Beehive" (SR)

A short documentary film about the last beekeeper in Slovakia, who not only makes beehives from straw, but also keeps bees in them. The film also captures the process of making these beehives to preserve them for future generations.

18.10.2022, Dušan Varmeďa - "The Bagpipes" (SR)

The short documentary film reflects the current state of bagpipe culture in Slovakia. Against the background of the expert interpretation of two experts - Milan Rusk and Bernard Garaj, it illustrates the topic of bagpipes from production to playing and current trends in development. The element of bagpipes and bagpipe culture is included in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovakia.

18.10.2022, Ján Čáni - "Ladies" (SRB)

A short documentary film capturing the custom of Panička, which the Vojvodina Slovaks brought with them from their motherland almost 300 years ago. Ladybirds are a symbol of the awakening of nature and the arrival of the Easter holidays. Unfortunately, currently in Vojvodina, Paničky have been preserved only among the Slovaks of Staropaz and this custom has lasted for 250 years.

25/10/2022, Predrag Todorovič - "Igranka za pokojnog Emilia" (SRB)

Documentary film about the Vlach ethnic community in Serbia, which has preserved its linguistic, material and cultural heritage for centuries. The dance for the dead (dat uora či pomană) is only one of a series of autochthonous rituals with which the Vlachs cultivate the cult of the dead.

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