SLUK vystava

Exhibition on the intangible cultural heritage of the Center for Traditional Folk Culture in the House of Culture from November 8, 2022.

The mobile exhibition in three languages ​​(Slovak, English, French) presents elements and activities included in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovakia and the List of the Best Ways to Protect Intangible Cultural Heritage in Slovakia and is often part of events dedicated to the presentation of intangible cultural heritage not only in Slovakia, but also in abroad. Since 2010, the exhibition has already been shown in Paris at the UNESCO headquarters, in Berlin at the Days of Slovak Culture, in Croatia in the cities of Našice, Ľipovľany and Rijeka, and in the German city of Gotha. Every year in Slovakia, it is part of the ceremonial announcement of new entries in representative lists, but it is often presented as a separate exhibition or as part of various events, e.g. Galéria X Bratislava, Dvorana of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, folklore festivals Dubnica n/Váhom, Podhorie, MFSF Jánošík ducat, event for children in Donovaly HABAKUKY, etc.

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