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Dušan Chilý "WALKING THROUGH THE COUNTRY at the House of Culture, November 8-11. 2022

The works artist of Kysuce Dušan Chilý, who ranks among the most important and active artists of the studio, can be viewed during the 22nd edition of the ETHNOFILM ČADCA 2022 IFF, in the premises of the House of Culture in Čadca (variety hall), from November 8 to 11. 2022

He was born on January 29, 1954 in Dunajovo. After finishing elementary school, he studied at the Gymnasium in Čadec, at the Military Academy in Vyškov and at the Military Academy in Brno. During his professional military service, he first worked in military garrisons in western Bohemia, later in the highest command structures of the army in Prague, Trenčín and Bratislava, and finally in a foreign mission in Belgrade.
His artistic sensibility was evident from preschool age and throughout his active life, but only after retirement did he begin to devote himself more intensively to his lifelong hobby. Since 2004, he has been participating in the Spektrum competition of non-professional artists at the regional, regional and national level, where he won several awards. He participated in several collective exhibitions, specifically in Trenčín, Piešťany, Humenny, Žilina, Čadca, Oščadnica, Turzovka, Krásna, Uherské Hradiště, Ostrava, Karvina and in Rybnik, Poland. He had his own exhibitions in Čadec, Žilina, Krásna nad Kysucou, Stara Bystrica and Rajcz in Poland.
The main theme of his work is mainly the diverse beauty of the Slovak landscape, objects of folk architecture, interesting historical and religious objects, also floral still lifes and other themes. Preferred techniques are: drawing, watercolor, oil and acrylic.

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